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Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many newsletters and opportunities for correspondence to come.

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  • Frank Gaughan’s Tracking Coyote, a worksite for comparing native American myths
  • Janet Kaplan’s AMP, the creative writing program’s online poetry journal
  • David Powell’s George Sand Association, a society website and journal archive
  • Craig Rustici’s AccessScholar, to promote best practices for online disability accessAnd we added new features to our mapping tool Itinerary in building MEL’s “Melville in Rome” project. 

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John Bryant, Professor Emeritus of English
President, The Melville Society,
Director, Digital Research Center,
Director, Melville Electronic Library,
Founding and Consulting Editor, Leviathan: A Journal of Melville Studies
Mason 204, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY 11549; Tel: 914.946.8722


Hofstra University

Held each spring, DRExChange is Hofstra’s annual digital scholarship conference, devoted to exploring areas of research, development, and pedagogy of mutual interest among regional, national, and international digital communities. It is sponsored by Hofstra’s DRC Forum.

Create your own Itinerary Project

Itinerary is a project that integrates content or data gleaned from historical literature with historic and modern maps. The Digital Research Center at Hofstra shares this project as a demonstration of Itinerary’s capabilities and as a starter kit that you may use to create your own maps.


June, 2016, saw the debut of AMP, published by the Digital Research Center at Hofstra University and the Hofstra University MFA creative writing programs.

MEL Camp 2 Participants